About the Process

As you read this, fellow citizens are striving for a better Hamilton County and so are we. Many plans have been written that embody the vision set by the public for the future of our communities. As goals are achieved new ones are put forward, and as new growth pains arise they are illuminated and assessed. Updating our plans is the first step in the process of advancing great places in Hamilton County.

Growing Forward is a three step process to review the last decade of changes in our region, to renew our vision and goals for the future, and to revise the codes and laws that govern how we develop in order to lead us towards a stronger and more vital place to live, work, and play.

Chattanooga City Council Resolution Adopted April 1st

Hamilton County Commission Resolution Adopted April 2nd (Signed)

Regional Planning Commission Resolution Adopted April 14th (Signed)

Step 1. Renewing Our Vision

Comprehensive Plan Update

Renewing Our Vision is the first step of Growing Forward. This plan provides an analysis of changes in our demographics, environment, and infrastructure. It promotes the principles and goals elicited from the public as priorities for this community.

Read the final plan.

View an archive of milestone documents produced during the planning process.

Step 2. Strategy for Great PlacesA Plan for Neighborhoods & Centers

Strategy for Great Places is the second step of Growing Forward. This strategy will bring the vision from Renewing Our Vision to the physical reality of a place. This is where the public will make choices about what they want to see in their neighborhoods and how they want to get around.

Step 3. Building The Future

Policy & Code Overhaul

Building The Future is the third step of Growing Forward. This initiative will include an audit of the laws and policies we currently have in place and provide a solution and replacement for those that are outdated or that work against the public’s vision.

You, the public are in charge of this process. We are only the note takers with the professional tools to help you tell the story of the place that you want to have. Each step will unfold with the input of the public at large that will be facilitated by a technical and community advisory committee.