Welcome to the Growing Forward website! We live in a great region that offers a variety places to live and work.  It is surrounded by some of the best scenery and outdoor opportunities that can be found in the entire country. Whether you live in a city, town, suburb, countryside, on a mountain or in the valley, we all share an interest in keeping our places special and economically strong as we grow. The Chattanooga-Hamilton County area is expected to add 115,000 people and 83,000 jobs in the next 30 years. We can already see this growth taking place in areas such as Chattanooga’s downtown/riverfront, East Brainerd and Ooltewah. This growth is resulting in changes in our living and mobility needs.

If there is a time for planning, it is now.

We need a fresh vision for Chattanooga-Hamilton County that defines what we want our places to become. We need a new policy framework that will guide decisions about new development and infrastructure so they move us toward our vision.   We also need to update our development standards in order to make it easier to build the type of places that we want. Our first step in this effort is to update our Comprehensive Plan which defines the overall vision, principles and policies for the Chattanooga-Hamilton County region. Later this spring, you will get the chance to hear how our communities are changing and the resulting issues and opportunities to consider as we frame a new vision. We will be asking for your feedback.

We need your help in this effort. No one knows as much about your place as you! Look for opportunities to participate in this web-site.


John Bridger,

Executive Director

Chattanooga Hamilton County Regional Planning Agency