You Would Live in the Highly Connected Neighborhood


Based on your responses, you would live in a Highly Connected Neighborhood if you could live anywhere. The Highly Connected Neighborhood has excellent connectivity, though it’s a few blocks from the Center. People who choose to live in highly connected neighborhoods still like to be close to everything. They want to be able to walk, bike, or use transit to get around. However, they might want a little more private space than people who choose to live in the Center.

People in highly connected neighborhoods might live in townhomes, apartments, duplexes, or single-family homes. They might have small patios in the back, small yards, or enough space for a vegetable garden. They usually have at least one garage or off-street parking space, most likely behind the house.

People in highly connected neighborhoods can still enjoy all the amenities of the Center on foot, though they are more likely to prefer looking out the window and seeing another home, rather than an active commercial street.

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