Activity 1: How do we achieve our goals?

RPA staff developed four goals for “Renewing Our Vision” based on previous plans and recent public input. The goals address issues such as:

  • growth, in terms of land use, development, and population changes;
  • wise use of resources, like infrastructure or parks; and
  • countywide systems, such as transportation or water quality.

We want to know how you think our community can achieve these goals. Click each of the goals at the bottom of the page to learn more about them, share your ideas, and comment on your neighbors’ ideas.

Keep in mind that “Renewing Our Vision” addresses the physical environment – both the built environment and the natural environment. While you may feel strongly about a social program or economic issue, we want you to be geared towards solutions that affect the physical design of places, which in turn impact social & economic concerns. For example, a neighborhood may lack programs for teenagers and be experiencing an increase in crime. Building a community garden that focuses on volunteers and youth participation could be a physical solution to that social problem.


Goal A: Complete Communities

Goal B: Connected Communities

Goal C: Healthy & Safe Communities

Goal D: Unique & Attractive Communities


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