Goal C: Healty & Safe Communities

A healthy community has streets and buildings that are designed to promote active living and community safety. Often the features of a street that promote active living often also increase user safety since the safer you feel walking or biking on a street the more likely you are to walk or bike to your destination. Another way streets and buildings can increase a community’s safety is by putting more eyes on the streets either through increased activity or by bringing buildings closer to the street. Healthy communities also have healthy natural systems, such as wetlands, large forest blocks, and floodplains, which help to keep the air and water clean.

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How can our community achieve this goal?
What does this type of community look like to you?
What would you do?

Share your ideas by leaving a comment below. Your idea can apply to the whole county or a particular area. If you comment applies to a particular area, be sure to include the zip code and name of the area.

You can also read through your neighbors’ comments and comment on them. If you don’t have a specific comment but want to support someone else’s comment you can add a “1+” comment in reply to their comment. That way, the ideas that have the most community support should rise to the top. Please remember to be respectful of other people. Everyone’s ideas are worth hearing!

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