What do you want to grow? – The results are in!

The results are in! Over 500 people played our “What do you want to grow?” game last month. They participated through an online survey or they visited us at one of dozens of “Pop-up Planners” throughout Hamilton County in May. Below is a map of the locations and types of events recently held! Map of Locations What do you want to grow? The RPA traveled throughout the county to ask you, the public, to prioritizes how we grow and develop as a county and the cities within. We identified 14 priorities that came up over and over again for plans that have been written for our area. We wanted to know which you think should be our top priorities. We encourage you to take a look below at what we heard. Here is how you ranked these 14 priorities.

Prioritiy list

Hamilton County is filled with different people with varying needs. How do these priorities change across the County? Below is a series of maps that show you the top priority within each zip code across Hamilton County. Click the map to see a full screen image.

The top priority per zip code.

Map of priorities

Second Priority per zip code.

Map of priorities -second priority

Third priority per zip code.

Map of priorities -third priority


Do we have different priorities based on our age? See the graph below to learn what the top three priorities were for Hamilton County residents in each age bracket.

top-priorities by age


Do we have different priorities based on our income? The graph below shows the top three priorities for Hamilton County residents in each household income bracket.

top-priorities by income

We asked you, the public, if you wanted the government to make a policy to enforce or promote any of these priorities. Below is the list of priorities and how important to people new policy or regulation is in protecting them.

 which priority regulation

In addition to asking people to prioritize the top 14 issues that seemed to come up over and over again in plans for our area, we gave them the opportunity to write in issues that we missed. During our travels throughout Hamilton County we heard from hundreds of residents about very specific issues, but there were several write-in priorities that showed up over and over again. Some, like education, , for which our agency has limit responsibility doesn’t preclude us from sharing with you and other agencies that the issue was heard. Below is a listing of repeated comments and write-in priorities we heard.

– Concerns about the safety of neighborhoods
– Concerns about gang violence
– Concerns about poor lighting and dark streets

– Concerns about older schools failing while money goes to building newer schools
– Concerns about quality of facilities and educators
– Concerns about enough places for continuing and adult education

Marginalized Population
– Concerns about residents being able to stay in their homes as they age
– Concerns about physical access for those with disabilities

– Concerns about raising taxes to pay for new infrastructure
– Concerns about raising taxes to pay for existing infrastructure not capable of paying for itself

What happens next? We use the input from the public along with our analysis of local and regional trends, understanding of planning principles, and feedback from local government officials to form recommendations to the elected and appointed officials on plan goals and prioritization before the document is drafted.

Download raw results data here and data dictionary here

Download results as pdf here



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